Shaving Razor Holder- White, Ivory or Pink

Shaving Razor Holder- White, Ivory or Pink

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Triple The Life Of Your Razor.

Did you know you can extend the life of your razor, simply by keeping it away from moisture?

Where's Your Razor?

  • Keeps your razor Clean. Extending its life as much as 3 times over. Stop wasting money on replacement blades.
  • Stays sharper. Keeps the lubricating strip and blades from premature deterioration, preventing razor burn and bumps.
  • Hygienic. There's no contact with messy surfaces and bacteria, preventing harmful skin irritation.
  • Stay organized. Keep your razor right by the shave cream, and never lose your razor again.
  • Lifetime Warranty. We are so confident they're indestructible, we promise to replace any broken item FREE! All you have to do is send us a photo.

Fits snug onto most shave cream cans. And when you travel, simply toss it in your shave-kit.

And guys! Get one for your wife...and never have to share your razor again! That's why we make them in Pink! Yes. We thought of everything.