Cigar Butler Cigar Cutter & Lighter Station

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My Cigar Butler.  The freestanding, hands-free cigar lighter and cutter – are operated by foot pedals.

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We would like to introduce you to our latest innovation in the world of cigars - the freestanding, hands-free cigar lighter and cutter operated by foot pedals. This sleek and modern design is perfect for cigar lounges and any other area where cigar smoking is permitted.
We understand that cigar enthusiasts take pride in the ritual of lighting and cutting their cigars, and we believe that our hands-free solution will elevate that experience to new heights. With our freestanding cigar cutter and lighter, you can rest assured that you and your guests will have a safe and hygienic way of cutting and lighting cigars without having to touch previously handled cutters and lighters.
No longer will you have to worry about missing lighters and cutters - our freestanding design ensures that this daily occurrence is in the past.
[Contact our design team and let us create a custom graphic to fit seamlessly in your location. We recommend using Liquid Abstract Designs with colors that accent your lounge or space.  Additional custom variations are available contact us for more information.]


We will gladly replace any moving parts that might fail with easy step-by-step installation to replace if necessary. Constructed with all metal moving parts it is highly unlikely to have any issues with My Cigar Butler. Fully assembled and completely adjustable lighting trigger and cutting arm for accurate and reliable operation. Pedals have auto stops built in. Technically Support is available 9-5 M-F 954-232-8867.  Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at


  CigarzUp does not manufacture the Quad Cigar Cutter or the Torch Lighter and we do not warrantythe Quad Cutter or Torch Lighter.

Replacements are available from CigarzUp or you can purchase them from your supplier.

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