Ah, the beauty of a finely rolled cigar—a slice of luxury, an exercise in relaxation, and a sublime experience for the senses. But what happens when you’re in an environment that’s not so accommodating for your cigar habit? Picture this: You’re lounging at a backyard gathering, glass of scotch in hand, and an exquisitely crafted cigar burning away. You’re in the zone, but suddenly, you’re hit with a problem—there’s nowhere to rest your cigar. No ashtray. No side table. Not even a stone to makeshift as a holder. It’s in these moments that the joy of smoking a cigar turns into a juggling act of frustration. Enter CigarzUp—the ingenious, convenient, and portable solution to this unspoken but widely experienced problem.

The Dilemma of the Missing Ashtray

Scenario One: The Outdoor Gathering

No Ashtray. No Problem. Outdoor Gatherings and Cigar Smoking

You’re at a friend’s barbecue, and while everyone is enjoying their cocktails and banter, you decide to pull out a cigar. The earthy aromas blend perfectly with the smell of grilled meats in the air. Yet, you look around and realize there’s nowhere to place your cigar when you’re not puffing it.

Scenario Two: The Beach Sunset

Ashtray Anxiety - Cigars on the Beach - No Ashtray. No Problem.

The sun is dipping below the horizon, coloring the sky in hues of orange and pink. A cigar would be perfect right now, you think. But as you pull out your cigar and cut it, you scan your surroundings and find no place to put it down. The frustration builds as you imagine the sand muddying the flavor of your expensive stick.

Scenario Three: The Golf Course

No Ashtray.  No Problem - Cigars on the Golf Course

Golf and cigars—a timeless combination. But wait, your golf cart is devoid of any ashtrays, and you’re not keen on resting your cigar on the grass filled with fertilizers and pesticides.

In all these scenarios, the lack of an ashtray not only interrupts the pleasure of smoking but also raises concerns about safety and etiquette.

The Ideal Solution: CigarzUp

CigarzUp is a unique and innovative product designed with the modern cigar aficionado in mind. Whether you’re at a social gathering, on a golf course, or simply enjoying nature, this convenient gadget has got your back.

Key Features:

  1. Clips onto Glasses and Bottles: No need for additional hardware. CigarzUp seamlessly attaches to your drink, essentially turning your beverage into a mobile cigar rest.
  2. Portable and Lightweight: Easy to carry in your pocket or golf bag, CigarzUp is the epitome of convenience.
  3. Universal Fit: Designed to accommodate various cigar sizes, ensuring that your cigar rests securely.
  4. High-Quality Construction: Made with durable materials, CigarzUp is built to last, just like your love for cigars.

The Takeaway

Cigar smoking is not merely an action but an experience—a ritual, if you will. The lack of an ashtray should not disrupt this ritual. With CigarzUp, you can now elevate your smoking experience and say goodbye to the frustration of missing ashtrays forever.

So, the next time you find yourself cigar in hand and no place to rest it, remember that there’s a perfect solution: Clip on a CigarzUp, and puff away in peace.

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