The Go Anywhere Cigar Holder


No Place To Hold Your Cigar?

Designed to easily attach to your favorite beverage bottle, can or glass...and securely hold your cigar.


Rolls And Spills?

The specially designed cradle will prevent your smoke from coming into contact with a wet or dirty surface.


Right Or Left Hand?

Works right and left. No need to remove the cigar when taking a drink. Just secure it with an overlapped finger.


A perfect accessory you can take anywhere. As a cigar smoker I'm wondering what took somebody so long to come up with this.

Tyrone on March 28, 2017

CigarzUp is one of the best new cigar accessories on the market. This affordable little add-on will turn any drink into a cigar holder.

TNT Cigar Review

I bought this for my stepdad who loves to drink craft beers and smoke cigars. He loves it! And it works great. Makes a great gift.

Nicole on June 1, 2017

Keep Your Cigar Up

The ideal solution to hold your cigar while enjoying a beverage.

Snaps on to almost any bottle, can or glass, even with a koozie. 

Select from plain colors or prints.

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